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Ville St-Laurent Online Sale (Jan 2023)

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Pick Up Date:              February 18th

Pick Up Time:             11am - 1pm

Pick Up Address:        To be provided in order confirmation

Advance pick-up available for this sale. Contact Keith to make arrangements. 

Discounts will be applied only during the last 2-3 days of the sale.  

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Shipping and Delivery: Local delivery and long-distance shipping are available for most items. Please contact Keith at, or 514-838-0676 in order to coordinate this service. Additional fees will apply. We are now using InXpress as our courier of choice. We package our own items when possible and pay for professional services when applicable. Insurance is available for a very reasonable surcharge.

Buyer's Premium: There are NO buyer’s premiums charged on any of Sell My Stuff Canada’s online sales, as we want our customers to get great items for the lowest possible price always!

Buying Note: As this is a content sale, we typically have only 1 of each item to sell. When using our online system, the program will allow you to add an item in your cart, but will not guarantee the purchase until it is paid for at checkout. An item is only guaranteed when you have confirmation of payment after clicking the "purchase" button. The system will recognize the first person that pays for their item as "SOLD". Otherwise, anyone could load items into their cart, hold them for a period, and then decide to remove them from their cart.

* Contact-free Pick-up Details: Unless your item requires more than one person to carry it, we will be happy to deliver it to you at the front door of the residence or to bring it to your car. Simply call or text the number provided on your order confirmation. We will NOT pack items for shipping nor transportation; it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure protection once we have handed the purchase over. 

For those items that require removal from the home, please ensure to bring all necessary people, tools, and equipment. 

- Please bring enough assistance to load heavy items into your vehicle.
- Please bring an appropriately sized vehicle for your purchase; if you cannot fit your item(s) into your vehicle during the customer pickup hours, you will have forfeited your purchase.
- When entering the property for pick up, you are entering at your own risk.
- It is the customer's responsibility to ensure pick up of all items included in their purchase(s).
- Please understand that items will be forfeited if they are not picked up during set pick up times and refunds will not be issued under any circumstance.
- It is the customer's responsibility to ensure receipt of automated purchase confirmation email. Please email us to resend if it is not received within minutes of purchase (

*Please note that we are required by law to charge GST and QST on all purchases made through our online store.

Sell My Stuff Canada believes in transparency when conducting all business activities. We will do our utmost to represent every item in an honest and straightforward manner, by way of photographs and descriptions. We take care to scrutinize every item that we list in our sales. However, it is possible we may occasionally miss an imperfection or unintentionally mislabel an item. Furthermore, it is not always possible to test an item for functionality. Please be aware that despite this possibility, all purchases made through our online store are final and made sight-unseen. Sell My Stuff will not be held responsible for any damages to items occurring during transit, or for any damages/injuries caused by purchased items once removed from the property.

Ville St-Laurent Online Sale (Jan 2023)

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